Hunting license for wolf in Hedmark

Wolf Hunting licenseWolf.

Hunting license for wolf in Hedmark

The County Governor of Hedmark has issued a hunting license for a wolf in the municipality of Rendalen after a lamb was taken by it.


Agricultural Officer Frank Engene in Rendalen municipality confirms to Østlendingen the granted permit to shoot a wolf. This happens after an attack on a sheep in the area.

– A lamb was found that was taken by wolf in Storbekkfatet north of Rendalen municipality last Thursday. This led to the County Governor granting a hunting license for a wolf in the area, says Engene.

The hunting license is valid until Thursday at noon.

The hunting license extends from county road 217 in the south and extends to a little north of the Rendalen municipal boundary.

Rendalen. Wikipedia

Rendalen is a municipality in Hedmark county, Norway. It is part of the traditional region of Østerdalen. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Bergset.


Rendalen is bordered on the northwest by the municipalities of Alvdal and Tynset, in the north by Tolga, in the east by Engerdal, in the south by Trysil and Åmot, and in the west by Stor-Elvdal.
Rendalen municipality encompasses most of the Rendalen valley, a side valley of the Østerdalen. In addition, the municipality encompasses the northern part of Storsjø, a mountainous area in the east of Rendalen and a small part of Østerdalen itself. It also comprises lake Sølensjøen.
The municipality has an area of 3,180 square kilometres (1,227.8 sq mi) which makes it the largest in southern Norway. The highest mountain is Sølen (Midtre) at 1,755 metres (5,758 ft)


The primary occupations are in farming and logging, but tourism is also important. The Renåfjellet mountain area provides for excellent alpine hiking.


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