Hurtigruten wages war on plastic: Bans single-use plastic by this summer

HurtigrutenCUTS PLASTIC: One million plastic straws a year are among the single use plastic items that will be removed from all Hurtigruten ships. CEO Daniel Skjeldam and Hotel Manager Kristian Skar. Foto: ØRJAN BERTELSEN/Hurtigruten

As one the first major companies Hurtigruten bans all unnecessary single-use plastic. Already by July 2nd, everything from plastic straws, drink mixers, plastic cups, coffee lids and plastic bags will be removed from all Hurtigruten ships. The goal is to become the Wolds first plastic free shipping company.


– At Hurtigruten, we have focused on the problem with plastic pollution for years. There is a lot of talk about the impact plastic has on our oceans. But it’s time to take action. By getting rid of single use plastic on board all ships already by this summer, we will hopefully get others to follow. It is possible to act now, and the oceans does not deserve more hesitation, Hurtigruten CEO Daniel Skjeldam says.


Source: Hurtigruten / Norway Today