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“Icelandic leaders will not attend the FIFA World Cup in Russia this summer”

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Iceland’s Foreign Ministry has positioned its denouncement of Russia, declaring that Iceland’s diplomatic corps and government officials will boycott the Russian hosted,2018 Soccer World Cup as condemnation of the alleged, March 4, 2018 Russian chemical weapon attack within Salisbury,England.


British intelligence has Russia orchestrating the March 4th,2018 assassination attempt upon British soil.As an almost universal condemnation against Russia,many nations including Norway are expelling Russian diplomats.However,Russia has formally denied involvement in the attack directed against former Russian intelligence Sergei Skripal and his family in Salisbury,UK.

Iceland’s diplomatic response posted Monday, March 26th, and among the formal measures engaged will be temporary negation of high-level bilateral dialogue between Iceland and Russian authorities. Consequently, Icelandic leaders will not attend the FIFA World Cup in Russia this summer.

As privately sponsored athletes, Iceland’s football team will, at present, take part in the international football championship slated later this year in Russia.

The Skripal, UK poisoning has similarities to the 2006 London poisoning of former Russian agent Alexander Litvinenko. An official British inquiry concluded in 2016 that Russian President Vladimir Putin probably (but not definitively) approved of Litvinenko’s assassination.

Russia maintains an embassy within Reykjavik, Iceland, and Iceland maintains both an embassy and 2 honorary consulates within Russia.


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  1. Title should be “Icelandic leaders will not attend the FIFA World Cup in Russia this summer”.
    Current one’s is misleading somehow …

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