Icelandic women live the longest from the Nordic countries

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Icelandic women have the longest lives, while Finnish men have the shortest lives. This shows in a new study of life expectancy in the Nordic countries.

This is the first time a thorough, comparative analysis of so-called disease burden and life expectancy in the Nordic countries, as well as in Greenland, has been made, writes Aftenposten.

The analysis is presented in the renowned medical journal The Lancet.

The results show that Finnish men have a greater burden of disease than Nordic men in general, for reasons such as heart disease, suicide and harmful alcohol use. Both Finnish men and Danish men and women have the lowest life expectancy.

Among the women are the Icelandic women who have the lowest disease burden.

Norwegian men stand out positively with 18 percent less disease burden as a result of heart disease. But Norwegian women have 36 percent higher disease burden associated with anxiety disorders than the rest of the Nordic population.

– “This is one of the results we are currently somewhat uncertain about. We lack updated prevalence figures for anxiety disorders in Norway that we can compare these calculations with,” says senior scientist Ann Kristin Knudsen at the Center for Sickness Burden at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health to Aftenposten.

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