ICJ Norway: Don’t pay the fines for breaching quarantine hotel rules

Park Inn by Radisson Oslo Airport - quarantine hotelPhoto: Annika Byrde / NTB

The International Commission of Jurists, ICJ-Norway, believes that people should not accept the fines for violating hotel quarantine rules. 

Associate Professor Stian Øby Johansen at the University of Oslo says that the entry ban for EEA citizens without an address in Norway is contrary to the EEA rules. 

Lawyer Helge Morset at the Commission says that as far as he has been able to find out, all fines for breaches of requirements for hotel quarantine have been dropped when the respondent refused to accept the fine.

“People should not accept these fines”

“People should definitely not accept the fines. This does not appear to be a legal intervention. What we see so far is that the fines that are not adopted have been dropped,” lawyer Helge Morset said in an interview with rett24.no.

The reason is, first of all, that there are no real reasons for the measure, spania.no reports. There is a lack of good explanations that show the measure’s effect, what makes the measure necessary, and what makes the measure proportionate. 

The fact that the “government believes” that a measure is proportionate is not enough for such severe encroachments on fundamental rights, Morset said in an interview with rett24.no.

Contrary to EEA rules?

Another measure that has been criticized is the entry ban for EEA citizens without a registered address in Norway. 

Associate Professor Stian Øby Johansen at UiO told Rett24 a little over a week ago that all such bans must be stopped immediately because they are in conflict with EEA rules.

The International Commission of Jurists – Norwegian branch (ICJ-Norway) is a national branch of the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ). The ICJ is an independent, international organization (NGO) with a secretariat in Geneva, founded in 1952.

The Commission’s objective is to promote and protect human rights and the rule of law, including strengthening the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual and promoting the independence of the judiciary and the legal profession, and the implementation of international standards by all states.

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