Idar Vollvik arrested regarding face masks’ sale- denies criminal guilt

face maskFace mask.Photo: Marit Hommedal / NTB scanpix

Idar Vollvik was arrested on Tuesday morning, charged with violating the Medical Equipment Act. The police have also taken action against premises belonging to Vollvik in Bergen.

“Vollvik was arrested just before 8 o’clock this morning on his way to work. The arrest took place calmly”, says police attorney, Sigrid Sulland, in the West police district to Dagbladet Børsen.

Sulland says that the arrest came after tips and that Vollvik is charged with violating the law on medical equipment.

“There is a suspicion of incorrect labeling of quality”, Sulland says to NRK.

“We have been to three different places and seized face masks in all places”, says Sulland.

She says that only Vollvik has been arrested in the case. The police are now conducting interrogations in the case.

Denies criminal guilt

Bergens Tidende, which first wrote about the police action against serial founder Idar Vollvik, in connection with the police on Tuesday taking action against premises belonging to Vollvik’s companies.

Bergensavisen was the first to report on the arrest of Vollvik. Vollvik’s defender Einar Råen tells Bergens Tidende that Vollvik denies criminal guilt.

“He has been interrogated and has cooperated with the police. He denies criminal guilt on the charge”, says defense attorney Einar Råen.

According to Råen, Vollvik believes there is no question of criminal offenses. If there has been a mistake with the marking of face masks that have been sold, it is possibly a misunderstanding, Råen informs BT.

Shipments stopped at customs

Idar Vollvik became famous when he built up the mobile telephony company Chess in the early 2000s and sold it a few years later with a large profit. Today he owns the company Vovi in Bergen, which sells face masks and disinfectants, among other things.

In June, VG wrote that his company had had four shipments of infection control equipment stopped at customs.

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