Illegal driving training must be stopped

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Driving training that is illegal is often camouflaged as private driving lessons. Therefore, the government will now place requirements for pupil and companion in private driving lessons.

This can happen by; for example, the Driver having to register themselves and their students. The aim is to facilitate a simple solution, so that the requirement create a little a burden as possible for those who are allowed to practice lawful driving lessons.

In addition, it will be possible to give a coercive fine to those who engage in illegal activities. Nowadays, those who conduct private driving lessons risk only orders for a stop and withdrawal of approval.

– “It should be safe to travel in traffic, and we should be able to feel confident that the motorists we meet have received good and thorough training. That is why we propose to change the regulations both to raise the quality of driver education and training and to stop those who conduct illegal training,” says Transport Minister Jon Georg Dale (FRP).

The proposals for amendments to the Road Traffic Act were submitted to Parliament on Friday. The changes will help to improve the quality of driver education and the training of emergency drivers and professional drivers.

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