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Immigrants in Norway thrive best in villages

Midnight sunMidnight sun in Forsøl outside Hammerfest in Norway.Photo: Erlend Aas / SCANPIX


A new report shows that immigrants are far more prone to social probelms than the rest of the population. Those living in the districts are doing better evenly across the country.


The researchers from Oslo Met have taken on immigrants from twelve different countries and analysed how they overcome living conditions related to work, housing, income,neighbourhoods, social isolation, health and mental health problems.

The report, referred to by Klassekampen,reveals that immigrants are increasingly struggling with living conditions in general, with the exception of social isolation where they are in line with the rest of the population.

The most common problems are related to housing, labour and personal finance,in addition to health.

The report reveals that women on average have more problems than men.Polish people are the ones that do the best, while Somalis have the most problems. At the same time,Somalis say they are more satisfied with life situations.

The researchers thought they would find a greater incidence of problems among those living in the districts, but the results were the reverse.

The author of the report, Kristian Trondstad, believes that it can be linked to the fact that it is easier to get a home in the districts, while at the same time the work opportunities are good.


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