Immigration-critical Norwegians denied entry to London

Tore RasmussenTore Rasmussen.Photo: Private

Tore Rasmussen is a leader of an anti-immigration group. This weekend he was denied entry to Britain, which he believes poses a threat.


Rasmussen has lived in London since December, but on Friday night he was stopped in passport control on his way back after a trip to Austria, Aftenposten newspaper reported.

The grounds for the prohibition stated that Rasmussen’s behaviour represents a “serious threat to one of the fundamental interests of society, more specifically to counteract extremism and protect our common values.”

The 37 year old believes the decision is related to the fact that he led a conference under the auspices of ‘Generation Identity’, a movement that has gained support among young right wing radicals in Central Europe.

“All I want is to have a free and open debate about mass immigration and multiculturalism’s shadow’’,he claimed.

Rasmussen warned that he will appeal the decision.
“I think it’s a dangerous development when the authorities restrict freedom of speech to such an extent that they refuse entry to a country because they do not like what one says. I have not broken any laws,I have not said anything untrue or harassed anyone.’’

The UK Department of the Interior confirmed the incident to Aftenposten newspaper. In recent months,several right-wing activists have received similar prohibitions.


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