More than half view immigration as beneficial

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Survey indicate that the majority believe immigration is good for Norway

In a new survey from Ipsos, 53% of respondents answered that they think immigration is largely good for Norway.

According to Dagsavisen, 45% responded the same way in a similar survey last year.

At the same time, 36% of Norwegians believe Norway should increase the intake of refugees. This is a higher proportion than in either 2015 or 2016. 27% believe Norway should receive fewer refugees.

‘On a general basis, one may say that the population is more positive about immigration than one receives the impression through the media.

A year ago, we saw that people were more skeptical, but then we were still in what we called the ‘refugee crisis’ in Europe.

Now the attitudes are more positive again, and back to the way they were before the crisis’, said Kristin Rogge Pran, of Ipsos.

In western Norway and Oslo, the attitude to immigration is found to be the most positive.


Source: NTB scanpix /Norway Today