Implores Syrian refugees to come home

Syrian Syria Refugee RefugeesSyrian Refugees. Photo:

Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs: – Refugees, come home

In his speech to the UN General Assembly, Syria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Walid al-Moallem, stated that the war on terrorism is over and the refugees can, therefore, return home.


Moallem on Saturday said that it is a priority for the Syrian Government that refugees return home. Three million Syrians who have fled from the Assad regime, from the war itself or from ISIL, are staying abroad.

He also referred to the American, French and Turkish forces operating inside Syria as occupation forces and demand that they withdraw immediately.

– We will treat them as the occupying forces they are, he stated, demanding that they withdraw unconditionally.

The United States of America has about 2,000 soldiers in Syria fighting the remnants of ISIL while Turkish forces have occupied a large part of the country along the border to Turkey

Moallem also said that a commission appointed to discuss a revised constitution would not submit to external influence.

The United States and six other countries a few days ago implored the UN to convene a commission to start the discussion of a revised constitution and to facilitate for a political transition when the war is over.


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