Increase in sales of knife proof clothes

Knife knife-proofStabbing with a knife. Photo: Public Domain.

Increase in sales of knife-proof clothes in Norway

Several suppliers of knife-proof clothing have seen a large increase in sales lately.

Daily manager, Frode Olafsen, of SpyShop in Oslo, told P4 news that they have noticed an increase of about 300% in recent months. Other online stores also showed a large increase.

He believes the increase is related to the fact that there have been many episodes of violence where a knife was involved lately, especially in Oslo. So far this year, the Oslo police have been called to over 40 knife episodes.

‘’Where the increase has been greatest is among ordinary people, who simply feel more insecure. They come here to buy, for example, knife-proof gloves, knife-proof vests, and other knife-proof garments,’’ said Olafsen.

Demand is greatest among people aged between 30 and 40, and often men. But also elderly people and women have made contact.

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