Increased activity at the Norwegian border

SvinesundPolice and military personnel (HV, Heimevernet) watch out for the border between Norway and Sweden on Svinesund.Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

There is increasing activity at the Norwegian border, and several are being rejected. Last weekend, the Eastern Police District rejected 97 people at the border in Svinesund and Ørje.

“There is a steady increase in traffic because there are more people who are exempt from the regulations that were introduced when the pandemic started,” Merete Beck, section manager for the Immigration Section in the Eastern Police District, told Dagbladet.

Police are using a lot of resources at the border crossing, and many are being turned away, mostly Swedish citizens and Eastern European citizens, according to Beck.

In recent days there has been a decline in the number of rejections, which she believes is related to easing the regulations.

“From March 16, there has been an increase in the number of rejections every week up to week 23. There were about 220 rejections at the border crossings on the roads in the Eastern Police District,” she says.

The number of rejections is still high. Last week, 150 were rejected at border crossings in the Eastern Police District.

Also Chief of Staff Pål Erik Teigen at the Inland Police District is seeing an increase in people who want to enter Norway. He warns that they will have a lot of border guards during the summer.

“We will have fixed seats at some places if we see that the traffic is increasing. We depend on being aware of what you do and where you travel this summer,” he says.

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