Increased cash for care support and lump sum in 2017


Cash and lump sum in 2017

As pushed for by the Christian Party there will be increased cash benefits for one-year olds up to 7,500 kroner a month. This will cost nearly 300 million NOK a year and attackers beleive it will hamper integration.

– Increased cash means that more minority women will stay at home instead of working, says Æsæl Manouchehri, director of the organization for Equality, integration, diversity (LIM).

– The scheme is certainly meant to help new parents out and is in principle based on the individual’s free choice. As we see it the consequence of this that the scheme prevents or delays the integration of mothers who have to deal with the old gender role model where women stay at home with the children, said Æsæl Manouchehri.

LIM believes government and cooperation parties could strengthen qualification programs to ensure that more minority women go out to work.

Defending initiative

Christian Democrat’s spokesperson Geir Jørgen Bekkevold defends this initiative in the budget agreement that the four socialist parties signed Saturday.

– Children are so different, and it is important that more parents feel that they have a real choice between a kindergarten with good quality and to be home a little longer, said Bekkevold.

He stressed that the budget compromise also includes 170 million NOK to several kindergarten teachers and that the lump sum grant increased to 61 120 NOK next year.

This is money that is given if one has not earned the right to parental benefits.

– This is a significant increase which will be very important for many children and families, says Bekkevold.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today