Increased danger of flooding and landslides in several places in southern Norway

Flooding notifications DrangsholtFlooding, Photo:

Orange hazard warnings, for increased flood and landslide hazards have been issued to parts of Telemark and Buskerud from Saturday evening through Sunday.

It is expected that the water flow will increase to flood levels in several places in southern Norway during Saturday evening and throughout the night. The areas most exposed are the inner areas of Telemark and Buskerud.

“We will closely follow the situation and update forecasts in cooperation with regulators for the Drammen River, Numedalslågen and Skiensvassdrag,” said Erik Holmqvist, hydrologist on the Flood alert team in the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE).

“The water flow in several rivers is markedly increasing, both as a result of snow melting and persistent rain. The waterway is expected to increase to flood levels during the evening or later throughout the night in several places,” says NVE.

In addition, there is a risk of landslides. Groundwater level and water saturation in the ground is very high after several weeks of snow melting. Steep slopes, as well as streams and rivers run with great water flows are particularly vulnerable.

On Saturday evening, NVE set the level of danger both for flooding and landslides to Orange for parts of Telemark and Buskerud. The Orange level is the second highest alert level, when it comes to flooding, the alert describes a serious situation that can cause extensive flooding and flood damage.

There is also a yellow hazard warning for flooding for parts of Aust-Agder, Vestfold, Oppland, and yellow warning of landslide hazard for parts of southern Norway.

It is expected that the flood hazard and the landslide danger will decrease on Sunday night.

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