Increased demand for face masks in Norway

face masksPhoto: APOTEK1

Norwegian pharmacies notice increased demand for mouthwash after the outbreak of coronavirus. But this is not something the health authorities recommend for healthy people.

On Sunday, several Swedish pharmacies reported that they were completely sold out of face masks, but here in the country the situation seems to be less precarious.

– We are seeing increased demand, but we still have goods in stock and new products are on the way, says category manager Bente Iren Dybfest Westen from the Apotek 1 chain to NTB.

The Norwegian Medicines Depot and the Apotekerforeningen state that they do not yet have information on such a demand.

Senior physician Siri Helene Hauge at the Public Health Institute tells NTB that face masks are not something they recommend for healthy people.

– “The use of face masks outside of health service produces very uncertain effects,” she says.

And adds:

– “What we often see is that people who are not used to wearing face masks more often touch their faces when having them on. It is not necessarily wise to prevent infection.”

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