India’s Foreign Minister rages against Norway over CPS

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India’s Foreign Minister raged against Norwegian authorities after the child welfare services in Norway took a five year old boy with an Indian mother.

India’s ambassador to Norway had a meeting with the Norwegian authorities on the matter on tuesday, confirmed communications consultant Anne Charlotte Fischer of Children, Youth and Family Affairs to news agency NTB.

Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj requires that five years from removal the child is returnedd to their biological parents.

– I refuse to accept that foster parents can take better care of a child than its biological parents, said Swaraj on Tuesday who sent out several tweets about the case.

– Foster parents are totally ignorant about Indian culture and our eating habits, she added.

Critical of CPS

The boy was taken while in a kindergarten in Oslo by child protection in mid-December. The child’s mother is Indian, while the father and the child is a Norwegian citizen. In recent weeks, the boy lived in an orphanage outside Oslo, according to Indian media.

India is one of the many countries who have placed themselves in a critical position of Norwegian child welfare. The boy’s mother has written to the Indian authorities and asked for help to get her son back, wrote the online newspaper India Samvad.

– My son wants to go home, and he does not eat properly. I am grateful for all the help from Minister Sushma Swaraj said the mother to the newspaper.

Third time

According to Indian media, this is the third time in five years that Indian parents in Norway has been deprived of the care of their children by child welfare authorities. Infall of 2011 a Norwegian kindergarten removed a two children because of alleged abuse.

The case led to strong diplomatic pressure to get the children back to India. After a long struggle that ended in Stavanger District Court, it was decided to entrust the of the custody of the children to an uncle in India.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today