Indications of extra mosquitoes this summer

mosquitoMosquito.Photo: Sara Johannessen / NTB scanpix

Mosquito experts believe it looks like a very good season for the small, stinging insects.


“It can be very heavy in some places this summer.There is a great mix of mosquitoes,’’ said expert,Reidar Mehl to Dagbladet newspaper.

Breeding conditions are climate dependent. They hatch when the flood water retreats and the sun gets warmer. According to Mehl, that is what is happening now.

Mehl, who is now retired, said the increase is most common at Glomma, Lågen, Tyrifjorden, Hurdalssjøen and nordre Øyern, and that they are more aggressive than other mosquitoes.

The mosquitos could also breed more generations during one season.

There are 38 different mosquito species registered in Norway.


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