Influenza wave hits blood bank at Ahus


The many flu cases this winter have caused hospitals to struggle to get enough blood.
At Ahus in Lørenskog, notification was given about a very small available blood stock, wrote Romerikes Blad.

‘There are many donors who are sick now. Therefore, they are not giving blood’, said head of the blood bank, Ruby Skogheim, to the newspaper. She noted that people who have been sick have to wait two weeks before they can donate blood. The blood bank,
in total, has a stock that covers ten day needs.

Now, the hospital is working to obtain blood from healthy donors and simultaneously contact donors who are already in the system.

Skogheim sad that blood banks in the eastern district are helping each other with supplying blood when they can, but that currently there are several hospitals that are experiencing shortages.

‘I assume this is something the whole of Norway is struggling with’, she said.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today