Information to our readers

We are working on it!We are working on it!

Dear reader .

09.02.16 – We have changed our DNS settings to point to our new server host. The webpage can be unavailable from time to time while our new DNS settings travel across the world to adjust. Hopefully there will not be to many problems.

06.02.16 – We are these days in the prosess of moving our newspaper to a new server in Norway. Because of this you might loose connection to the newspaper. We apologize up front. We expect everything to work as intended from firstcoming tuesday given that everything goes as planned.

Our current server provider has difficulty maintaining access to the newspaper’s server . Unfortunately, this means that you as a reader of the newspaper does not always have access to the newspaper . Along with this we have trouble copying the contents of Arvixe server so we can take with us the files to the newspaper over to our new server provider.

We work around the clock these days to get a solution to this as soon as possible . We apologize for the problem that you browsing experience as a result of the situation.
We try every possible and conceivable solutions to get the newspaper up again as soon as possible . We ‘ve gone through our own work and can say with great certainty that the newspaper is working properly and that this is a problem that lies with Arvixe . We are in talks with them several times a day to find a solution. After we have copied our files , we will move our domain over to the new server provider. Then you will find that the newspaper is gone for a short period. After this period , the issue should be solved as a permanent solution.
We apologize again so much that you can not read the newspaper when you want, but be assured that we’re working long days and nights to resolve the issue. We hope you understand and that you give us time to fix this problem.


Sincerely , Norway Today WebTeam