Injured woman in Levanger died – husband charged with murder

Police car machete Dead woman Torp AirportPolice car.Photo: Norway Today Media.

The woman who was critically injured in a confrontation with her husband in Levanger died Friday. The charges against the man have therefore been altered to intentional murder.

Wednesday, the 20-year-old woman was taken to hospital in Levanger with serious injuries to her neck. The police were informed Friday afternoon that she was pronounced dead.

The police came quickly to the conclusion that the damage the woman had sustained was due to her husband taking stranglehold on her.

The 27-year old man was apprehended in Levanger, Nord Trøndelag, Wednesday night. On Friday He was remanded for four weeks, charged with the attempted murder of his seven years younger wife. The first two weeks in custody subjected to letter, visit and media bans.

– As a consequence of her demise, the police have changed charge against her 27-year-old husband to intentional murder. Relatives have been notified and the deceased woman will be autopsied, according to local sheriff Anne B. Ulvin.

Was furious

Her husband, who as well as his wife originate from Eritrea, has in interrogation told that he took a choke-hold on her after a verbal confrontation.

– He says that he began choking his wife, and that he was not himself in the situation. He became so aggravated that he does not remember what happened next, defence lawyer Trond Peder Nilsen, told Trønder-Avisa.

The man acknowledged the factuals of the indictment, but has not yet taken a stance on the question of guilt.

Came from Eritrea

The accused was interrogated for two hours on Thursday afternoon. The incident took place only eight days after the woman came to Norway and was reunited with her husband, who had resided in Levanger for three years already.


It was the man himself who alerted the emergency services after the confrontation. The woman received first aid on the spot. She was unconscious when the emergency services arrived and was not breathing on her own.

According to the commitment report from the District Court, a man supposedly left the woman lifeless without trying to resuscitate before he called the emergency services. He also communicated with other parties at the time.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today