Insect experts warn of wasp summer



Expect a lot of wasps in the coming weeks – because we are in an even year.

Wasp years occur every other year. The rule of thumb is that wasp years fall on years that end with an even number, according to insect experts. July and August are the big wasp months in Norway.

– The number of wasps will probably increase significantly in the coming weeks, says regional manager Stian Mjåsund in Anticimex, a nationwide company that works with insects and pests.

During the Corona situation this summer, the insurance company If and Anticimex have set up a separate telephone line about homecare issues for their insurance customers. Many people wonder how they themselves can remove a wasp nest .

– The answer is simple: Wasps rarely damage our homes and are a natural part of the Norwegian fauna, so you should preferably not remove the nests unless the wasps are very troublesome, says information manager Sigmund Clementz in If.

However, many people experience the wasp as both threatening and insidious. If you get wasp stings it can be quite painful, but wasp stings are generally not dangerous as long as you are not allergic.

If you have decided to remove a wasp nest, it may actually be too late. It is much easier to remove a small wasp nest in early summer, than a larger nest with a large wasp colony that has had all spring and summer to reproduce.

– If you still want to remove a wasp nest now, it is relatively easy to do it yourself as long as it is easily accessible. Remember to protect yourself well, so that you avoid being stung, says Mjåsund.

An easy way to remove a wasp nest is to put a bucket or a bag under the wasp nest and then cut it down with a large knife. The wasp nest can either be drowned in the water or frozen. These are the most gentle methods, without the use of poison.

– You can also use insect repellent and spray straight up into the nest. But we recommend non-toxic methods as far as possible, emphasizes Stian Mjåsund in Anticimex.

If a wasp nest is under the ground or behind the cladding of the house, you may want to contact a pest control company that will locate the nest and then make a safe intervention.

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