Integration heading in the wrong direction

Minister of Fisheries Per Sandberg Dublin TransfersMinister Per Sandberg (Progress Party). Photo:

The integration of refugees is heading in the wrong direction, and the difference between immigrants and Norwegians increase, according to a study.

The study shows that integration is rapid in the beginning, but after five to ten years, the trend turns – fewer are working – and more and more rely on social security benefits, VG writes.

– Initially, it is surprising as the differences between immigrants and Norwegian born children should be less the longer the immigrants live in Norway.

We find that the opposite happens, says senior researcher at the Frisch Centre, Knut Røed.

He is co-author of a study on integration in the Norwegian labour market by immigrants that was published earlier this year. It was presented at a conference in the Nordic Council of Ministers’ secretariat on Wednesday.

The researchers do not know what the background for the development is, but say that one of the reasons may be that immigrants are more vulnerable to cyclical fluctuations and downsizing.

Acting Minister of Immigration and Integration, Per Sandberg (Progress Party), says the Government is aware of the problems highlighted in the report, but adds that everything can not be resolved politically.

– Although the Government does a lot to give people opportunities and ensure a good integration, we must not forget that a politician can not decide that anyone must be integrated. A considerable effort from the individual is needed to succeed in Norway, he says to VG.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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  1. old and wise and educated | 9. May 2019 at 10:38 |

    ‘a considerable effort must be made by the individual.’.in NORWEGIAN SPEAK..MEANS..IF THERE’S DIFFICULTY BLAME THE VICTIM.
    Look closely at the attitudes and behaviour of untrained ( shocking by international standards )–or —-inadequately trained teachers ( shame on Norway ). in the Education system …especially at junior level.
    Discrimination is only thinly disguised…and backed up by >….. Medieval janteloven..
    For as long as different is wrong..there is no way any immigrant from anywhere can thrive in this country.
    Norways only claim to fame is the cheese slicer..
    anything else would require inventiveness from people who dare to be different.
    And that my friend is social suicide.

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