Intelligence Service: Russia and China main threat actors for Norway

Nils Andreas StensønesPhoto: Beate Oma Dahle / NTB

In its threat assessment, the Armed Forces’ Intelligence Service says that Russia and China use all possible means to achieve their goals.

“The threat situation against Norwegian interests and Norway is increasingly complex, and Russia and China are the main threat actors,” the Armed Forces’ Intelligence Service wrote in its threat assessment, which was presented on Friday.

The report states that the relationship between the two great powers and the West has deteriorated recently. It notes that the two states’ actions show that they are willing to use all possible means to support their goals.

“This includes everything from military pressure and economic instruments to intelligence operations, trade agreements, technology development, and influence – what we refer to as the complex use of instruments. That makes it challenging to distinguish illegal and unwanted activity from legitimate activity. The effect of other instruments is exacerbated by the threat of military power,” Intelligence Service warns.

The increasing rivalry of great powers also means that smaller states, such as Norway, are constantly required to take a stand on international conflict issues, the report notes.

Source : NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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2 Comments on "Intelligence Service: Russia and China main threat actors for Norway"

  1. Russia would be more fairly – and accurately – described as a “counter-threat” actor, after our post-Soviet broken security promises to them, the West’s 2014 Kiev coup breaking our Budapest peace agreement with them, and the danger to them of Ukraine becoming a member of “interventionist”/aggressive NATO.
    And then there are the regime-change attempts: Ukraine 2014 successful, while Russia/Siberia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan failures.

    It is vital we the West instead try to understand the Russians’ perspective on all this and BACK OFF.

    Meanwhile, on 7 February 2022 the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin saying that those who incite distrust in the government and/or speak in the public forum disagreeing with the official narrative are to be monitored, for fear of violent others using those alternative views to justify political violence and terrorism.

    Except we Americans have always had a very healthy distrust in government, embodied in our checks and balances Constitution of our representative democracy/constitutional republic, and it is actually patriotic to guard against abuse of power by government as well as by individuals. (Regarding the latter, note President Teddy Roosevelt’s “trust-busting” for the sake of the American People.)

    A true American thinks objectively and independently – thinks for him or her self – politically, even while obeying the law.

    Unfortunately, Democrats are prone to authoritarianism as we saw in 1999 when McCain&Biden tried to get the Clinton government war/dictatorship powers just using our wrongful (Rambouillet App. B) Kosovo bombing war as the pretext – voted down 78-22 (note no abstentions) by the Senate back then who knew what was going on.

    And then in 2021, Trump seemed ready to welcome a mob-induced coup!

  2. Something else in the DHS bulletin which should concern Americans and anyone who care about America is that taking the same position as a foreign government in opposition to a U.S. government position is suspicionable too.
    That would be justified if someone were just parroting the official line of a foreign government – like, say, Russia – but if someone like me comes to take a position on the basis of our own objective independent analysis and assessment, as I do, the government has no justification for … exciting itself.
    Of course, if the Russians or anybody else post a highly relevant and real-life meme like they did during Campaign 2016 of the young Kentucky American wife crying over the coffin of her husband killed in Afghanistan, there should be no prejudice or prohibition against Americans using it in the political forum, as indeed we did.

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