Interpreter for Norwegian forces in Afghanistan has been killed


The Afghan interpreter,Samiullah Siddique,who in 2010 worked for Norwegian forces in Afghanistan, has been killed, the family told NRK news.

The family reported that Siddique was killed outside his home in the Kama district of Jalalabad in Afghanistan on Friday last week.

Siddique worked as an interpreter for the Norwegian forces in Afghanistan in 2010,and subsequently tried to stay in Norway.

But, as with many of the interpreters who contributed on the Norwegian side,he received a rejection of his application.

Official sources had not informed NRK what might be the reason for his death,but the family thinks he was killed because of his job for the international forces.

‘’I went out of the house with him and we were on our way to a wedding.We were attacked with shots from all sides.He got two shots in his chest and fell to the ground.Then he was shot in the back of his head.He was shot and killed in front of me’’ said his brother, Abdullah Siddique.


About 50 Afghan interpreters who worked with Norwegian forces in the ISAF operation in Afghanistan applied for residence in Norway.23 were granted asylum in retrospect,while 26 others were rejected.In 2015, several of them reported that they were threatened with death and feared for their lives.In Afghanistan,they are stamped as traitors after working with the Norwegian forces.

According to NRK’s information,Siddique did not receive weapon training,nor did he carry weapons when he worked for the Norwegian forces.The Armed Forces confirmed to NRK that Samiullah Siddique worked for them.

‘’The Armed Forces confirm that Samiullah Siddique worked as an interpreter for the Armed Forces for a period in 2010’’ said press officer,Sigurd Tonning-Olsen at the Norwegian Armed Forces’ operational headquarters.

Abdullah Siddique said his the brother was also an interpreter for forces from Australia and Canada.

‘’He was in danger’’

NRK was informed that Siddique, who leaves behind his wife and two children,received murder threats signed by the terrorist group IS a few years ago.He also received threats from the Taliban.

‘’It is the Taliban who are active in our area.He received several threats as a result of his work for the Norwegians.

First, he worked for NATO,then for the Norwegian forces.

After that ended,he was dismissed.He told everyone that his life was in danger,but no one listened to him’’ said Abdullah Siddique.

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