Free contraception for women on methadone introduced

Health Minister Bent HøieHealth Minister Bent Høie .Photo: Ole Gunnar Onsøien / NTB scanpix

Health Minister Bent Høie (H) introduces free contraception for all women who receive the so-called medically assisted treatment (MAT). This will prevent many children each year from starting their life with pain, withdrawal and reduction of morphine.

In a letter to Ketil Kjenseth of the Liberal party  Høie writes that he will ask the Health Directorate to clarify who will finance contraception for women who attend LAR.
– The purpose of this clarification will be that the women are to be offered free long-term contraception at the time of LAR and for the people and organizations concerned to know who will cover the costs for this, Høie writes in the letter.
He refers to figures from 2014 where 33 children were born to women who took part in the scheme. Of these children two-thirds were born with withdrawal symptoms from morphine and at risk of sequalea. Many have in recent times expressed concern for these children.
– This is both a victory for the woman and the unborn children. Now it will be easier for women to MAR to avoid unplanned pregnancies, and this will mean that fewer children are born with severe pain and withdrawal symptoms at birth, is Kjenseth’s comment.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today