Investigations after Nazi march

Neo nazi demonstration in Kristiansand Nazi marchNeonazi demonstration in Kristiansand.Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB scanpix

The police resume investigations after Nazi march in Kristiansand

The police in Agder have decided to resume the investigation after that the Nordic Resistance Movement (NMB) marched in Kristiansand during the summer.


This Initially includes interrogations, states prosecutor for the Agder police district, Terje Kaddeberg Skaar.

– There are a few to be questioned, but fewer than ten, he says to Fædrelandsvennen.

After what the newspaper is being informed of, there is talk of several people belonging to the Nordic Resistance Movement. Kaddeberg Skaar confirms that the ones to be questioned are not only local, but also other Norwegian nationals and even foreigners.

The matter concerning the Nazi march in Kristiansand has been the subject to juridical assessment during the autumn.

The origination of the investigation is the question of whether the demonstration in Kristiansand this summer was pre announced or not.

Around 70 self-declared Nazi’s from Finland, Sweden and Norway chose to march through Markens gate in Kristiansand on Saturday, July 29, after being rejected the right to demonstrate in Fredrikstad.

The assessment this summer was that they apparently had no permission to demonstrate in Kristiansand, but it was unclear whether there should be any legal action to follow the action afterwards.

– This is a demonstration that has not been applied for, so we watched them closely. In the aftermath we will consider whether this should lead to any reactions, Bjarne Austad told Fædrelandsvennen on the day that the demonstration took place.

Following the march, the Agder police were heavily criticized for failing to intervene from several quarters. It must be said in their defense that the only violence linked to the march was performed by counter demonstrators.


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