Iran Tests ‘New’ Missile

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Monday, Aug. 13, the Islamic Republic of Iran gave public demonstration of what the Iranian military is calling a ‘next-generation, short-range missile,’ with Iran media giving video-report and saying that the test-fire was a success.


The Iranian media announcement follows upon recent reports that the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps had tested missiles of an unknown type during recent military exercises near the Strait of Hormuz.

300 km RANGE
Debuted in 2002, Iran’s Fateh-110 missile (Persian: conqueror) is a single-stage solid propellant, surface-to-surface missile with at least a 200 km range; entirely manufactured within Iran.

This “newest” Fateh Mobin-110 missile was unveiled in Tehran on Monday.

In 2002, Iran began mass-producing the original Fateh-110 missile. In 2012, an upgraded version of the missile purported a range of 300 km.

Iran’s Defense Minister Amir Hatami gave statement upon the test-firing of the 110 missile, saying to the Iranian News Agency; “The Islamic Republic of Iran’s missile power is a defensive deterrent power.’ –

“As I promised our dear people,I won’t spare any effort to improve Iran’s missile capabilities and certainly, we’ll work to increase our missile-power daily,” said
minister Hatami.

The Iranian minister gave no specifics of the Fateh Mobin-110 missile,nor is it clear how this ‘latest’ model differs from others; with the only visual change being a blunt nose cone rather than the previous nose design, which Hatami said contains an upgraded guidance system.

“Nothing can stop this missile because of its high degree of flexibility.The Fateh Mobin-110 is 100% domestic, agile, stealth-capable & precision guided,” said Hatami.

U.S. President Donald J. Trump specifically mentioned the Iranian missile program as one of the flaws of the multi-national Iran nuclear agreement and also of the missile program’s influence upon his ultimate decision to withdraw the U.S. from further honoring the nuclear agreement.

In May, 2018, the United States withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action; unofficially known as the ‘Iran Deal’ or ‘Iran Nuclear Deal’.

Critics of the Iran nuclear deal had voiced loud protest that the agreement didn’t contain provisional language restricting Tehran from furthering a missile program that threatens United States’ interests.

Monday’s missile launch in Tehran re-demonstrates the apparent capability of the Islamic Republic of Iran to militarily threaten warships & commercial shipping within the Persian Gulf & Gulf of Oman.


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