Iranian man acknowledges having killed his ex-wife in Strømmen

Strømmen.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

The man in his mid-30s has been charged with killing his former spouse in Strømmen, Akershus on Monday, he has plead guilty during questioning.

His lawyer, Dag Svensson, acknowledges to NTB, Monday night after his client had been questioned by the police in Lillestrøm.

The accused has provided all the information to the police. He will be held in custody for four weeks in Nedre Romerike District Court from Tuesday afternoon. According to the lawyer, the case will go as an office case, which will say without the accused present.

Killed by knife
The police were notified at 9:25 am of a serious criminal offense at an apartment building where the woman lived. The building is located at Strømmen station in Skedsmo municipality.

“We were called to the scene shortly after, the woman in her mid-30s was already dead. The case is being investigated as murder,” police officer Christian Berge informs at Joint Unit for Intelligence and Investigation in the Eastern Police District.

The man was arrested outside the building, without drama. The deceased was also found outside the building, but Monday afternoon the police were not sure exactly where the murder happened.

They have the murder weapon, which is a knife.

Earlier conflict
The accused and the woman he murdered have previously been married and have a small child together. The child is being taken care of by the police and child welfare services.

“They’re both Iranian citizens. The child was not home when the murder took place,” says prosecutor in the case, police lawyer Guro Holm Hansen in the Eastern police district, to NTB.

There has been contact with the police earlier in connection with the conflict between the woman and the man.

“But we don’t know the extent of it yet. It is natural to investigate it further,” says the police lawyer.

Several witnesses
There were several witnesses to the incident.

“They will be questioned by the police as soon as possible. What the motive for the murder will be central to the investigation,” says police officer Berge.

Forensic technicians were at the scene from Monday morning. Both technical and tactical investigations have been initiated. There was, among other things, surveying in the area.

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