Is it a human right to beg?

Begging, SolaBegging. Photo:

The Conservatives believe all people have the right to ask for help, even when it comes to begging.

The principle is enshrined in the party’s new program of principles that was adopted on Saturday.

Thus, a proposal from the county teams in Oslo, Bergen and Western Norway to delete this point was voted down.

Today, the municipalities have the authority to decide for themselves whether to introduce begging bans. The decision in the Conservative Party means that the party can no longer support such prohibitions.

But the case created debate at the national assembly. In Bergen, the Conservative Party has advocated a begging ban to combat organized crime.

Saying no to a begging ban is to maintain a poverty trap. It is about organized exploitation of people, Marte Leirvåg from Bergen’s Right stated when she met Young Conservative leader Sandra Bruflot on a debate on Saturday.

“A ban on begging hits everyone. We already have a law against organized begging. It must be possible to help people without prohibiting poverty,” replied Bruflot.

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