ISIL bride: “Wanted to escape from day one”

ISIL bride women children syriaWomen and children stand in line at a reception area for people evacuated from the last shred of territory held by Islamic State militants, outside Baghouz, Syria. (AP Photo/Gabriel Chaim)

ISIL bride: “Wanted to go home from day one”

A Norwegian woman is detained in formerly ISIL controlled area in Syria. Norwegian TV2 broadcast an interview with her on Thursday. The ISIL bride talks about the six years that she spent together with foreign fighters in the interview. 

“I wanted to go home from day one. It was not easy to live like that. There were sharpshooters everywhere. There was no food and no water,” the Norwegian citizen complains to the broadcaster.

Along with her two children of two and four years, she surrendered to the Kurdish SDF forces this week. The ISIL bride will be interrogated before she is dispatched to a nearby detention camp.

“We never really had food. Only dates. You can find something here and there, but I have to be very careful about what I did and never go far away,” the woman continues.

Intended to visit her boyfriend

She believes she came to Syria in 2012. There she was to visit her boyfriend, whom she had met in Norway. After that, she was supposed to go home again.

“He brought me along without my permission. I thought I could go home, but he didn’t let me go. I never got to go out of the door or talk to anyone. the ISIL bride elaborates.

The Norwegian citizen was given daily chores at the beginning of her stay. Her tasks were to wash clothes, cook and clean the house. The ISIL bride claims that it was difficult to escape.

“I don’t trust anyone anymore, as I did before. That’s where I’ve changed the most from my past existence,” the repentant sinner concludes.

The woman has had her two children in Syria. Her husband died after an explosion in a house where he made bombs.

Will be apprehended

The Security Branch of the Norwegian Police Service (PST) is adamant that preparing food and caring for children does not entail an exemption from punishment – if you have sworn allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIL).

“Anyone who has joined the terrorist organization ISIL must expect that they will be arrested on their return to Norway,” Senior Adviser in PST, Martin Bernsen, tells VG.

At least two of the women among those who left Norway to join ISIL – still confirmed to be alive – are Norwegian citizens. Those two claims that they have not done anything illegal. They, therefore, beg the Norwegian authorities to bring them home, for the sake of their children.

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