Israel’s Ambassador criticizes Trondheim’s Israel boycott

Israeli Ambassador Raphael SchutzIsraeli Ambassador Raphael Schutz.Photo: Erlend Aas / NTB scanpix

Israel’s ambassador to Norway believes Trondheim municipality’s decision to boycott goods from settlements in the occupied territories contributes to increasing hostility between Israelis and Palestinians.

‘The decision of the city council in Trondheim doesn’t contribute to an environment in which peace can be achieved. Working for a boycott, rather than toward dialogue, increases the level of hostility and mistrust between Israelis and Palestinians’, said Israeli Ambassador Raphael Schutz.
The decision by Trondheim municipality says that the State of Israel has a deteriorating occupation policy.
Therefore, the municipality would refrain from purchasing goods and services produced in the settlements of the occupied Palestinian territories.
The ambassador wrote in a statement that only direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority could lead to a two-state solution. He believes the City Council fall short with their decision.
‘The premise of the decision is based on resolutions of the United Nations, an institution where the majority of members are non-democratic states.
The Jewish State is systematically discriminated against in the UN and its agencies. The number of resolutions against Israel are higher than all the other states combined. Trondheim City Council’s decision, joins this tableaux of discrimination and double standards’, wrote the Israeli Ambassador.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today