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Italian tourists extremely lucky in avalanche



– Extreme luck that lives were not lost, the police said after three tourists Thursday afternoon were taken by an avalanche in Vågan, Nordland.

– One was covered to the waist, one up to the throat and the third was completely covered by the snow and was found by search personnel, the police in Mid Hålogaland Tweeted.

The police received a message about the avalanche at Kistebergtinden in Vågan municipality on Thursday at 15.30.

– All three of them were taken by the avalanche, and were partially covered by the snow. One of them was completely covered.

– Fortunately, they were efficient and were equipped with seekers and therefore could save themselves, Operations Manager in the police, Rolf Jensen, told NTB.

A seeker is a device that sends and receives signals with the purpose of finding people caught by avalanches.

Jensen warns alpine skiers of the current weather conditions.

– It is clear that the sun begins to have a greater impact, the snow is looser and tumbles down more often, he says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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