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Jarle Andøy is challenging the Antarctic Treaty again

Jarle AndoyJarle Andoy.Photo: Jan-Morten Bjørnbakk / NTB scanpix
For the third time  the adventurer Jarle Andøy has to stand trial, accused of having violated the rules of sailing and living in Antarctica.
The prosecutors in Troms and Finnmark have indicted Andøy of  having led an expedition in March-April last year which  sailed around the Antarctic Peninsula, anchored in several places, and disembarked on, at least, two points.
– When you’re to travel in waters south of the 60th parallel, you have a duty to report to the Norwegian Polar Institute. Andøy is accused of not having given notice in advance. He has therefore not arranged insurance as the rules require,  police attorney Trude Kvanli said. She is the prosecutor in the case starting in Nord-Troms District Court Wednesday.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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