Jensen had to defend Listhaug in a BBC program

Siv JensenParty leader Siv Jensen in Progress Party.Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB Scanpix

Fremskrittsparti (Frp) leader, Siv Jensen, had to defend both the party and Sylvi Listhaug (Frp) in the British BBC program, HARDtalk.


In the interview on Monday, Jensen had to answer questions about the former Justice Minister, Sylvi Listhaug, wrote NRK news.

‘’Arbeiderpartiet (Ap) has itself been hit by terror. I wonder, what does she have to say that you don’t want her in your party’’, said director, Stephen Sackur.

“Let me first say that the terrorist attack that hit Norway was terrible.

But I think it’s good that a politician who is wrong says sorry. That’s why we’ve put this behind us’’, Jensen answered.

Sackur, who referred to Frp as a ‘populist party’, claimed that the party was playing on fear, based on its rhetoric.

“We are not a populist party. We are a liberalist party who are also concerned about immigration and tightening the policy in that area’’, Jensen replied.

Sackur then asked Jensen how she explains Listhaug’s statement that there are “wolves in sheep’s clothes” among immigrants, if Frp is not a populist party.

“This is something people are discussing all the time and something we need to address.The majority of immigrants in Norway behave very well, but we must avoid people not becoming integrated. We also have a good deal of that’’, answered Jensen.

Listhaug resigned as Minister of Justice on March 20th. She lost the trust of the majority after she released a Facebook status claiming that “AP believes the rights of terrorists are more important than the nation’s security.”


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