Jewish leaders demand ban on racist organizations


Norwegian Jews were gathered to mark the holiday of Kippur when the news of the synagogue attack in Germany came. The mentor Ervin Kohn demands action.

Mentor Kohn of the Mosaic faith community tells Vårt Land that the news of the attack characterized the entire congregation. He once again demands a Norwegian ban on racist groups.

We who live in Norway take democracy for granted. 85 percent of all people living in Norway today are born after the war, so it may not be that strange. But what does that mean? For example, we do not see weak signals and development over time, he says.

A 27 year old German was arrested on Tuesday for trying to attack a synagogue in Halle, Germany. When the perpetrator, who was heavily armed, failed to storm the synagogue, he placed homemade explosives outside and threw a hand grenade into the Jewish cemetery close by. Then he killed two and injured several people.

In a recording before and during the attack, the man made anti-Semitic statements and denied the Holocaust. He also should have published an anti-Semitic manifesto over a week ago.

Some say that the Nazis rather “go underground”. I say: Yes, but that’s fine. Down there it is dark and cold, and difficult to recruit. That’s because I don’t think “the trolls are cracking in the sun”. They turn brown in the sun, and there is no good color in this context, says Kohn.

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