Joshua French has been imprisoned for 2500 days

Joshua French prison in 2500 daysKinshasa, Kongo.Joshua French and her mother Kari Hilde French. Photo: Marte Christensen / NTB scanpix

Joshua French has served 2,500 days in captivity in Congo. He is currently hospitalized in Congo’s capital Kinshasa.
– There are many, many days in a young person’s life, Kari Hilde French writes on her blog Sunday. The son has been hospitalized for two months, but his genereal condition is still not good.
– The infection is now a bit better.  I’m keeping my routine with visits twice a day.  In order to save  my own strength, that is not very great, these days, I’m sitting or lying in the extra bed at Joshua’s room and reading, she writes in the blog.
Joshua French (33) is a Norwegian and British citizen. He was arrested in May 2009 and sentenced to death for, among other things: complicity in murder, weapons possession and espionage. In January 2014 he was convicted of killing his friend Tjostolv Moland in prison.
The widow of the driver who was killed while he was working for French and Moland, said in January that she believes French have suffered enough and should be pardoned


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today