5 years since the day of the Utøya massacre

UtøyaUtøya 2016.Photo: Jon Olav Nesvold / NTB scanpix

The fifth “anniversary” of the terrorist attacks on July 22 will be highlighted both locally and nationally, with events in Oslo and Utøya.

For the first time, the names of all the 77 who were killed will be read out during the memorial events. This will take place in the government district on Friday morning and on Utøya later that day.

The national support group and AUF are behind the events, where both Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H), former Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, who is now Secretary General of NATO, and the leader of AUF Mani Hussaini participate.

The Crown Prince couple, the Parliamentary Presidency and several cabinet ministers will also take part in the memorial ceremony in the government district, which will be followed by a memorial service in Oslo Cathedral. As a part of that service, Stoltenberg will make a memorial speech

Putting down wreaths
In the afternoon there will be a memorial event in Utøya, with speeches by Labour leader Jonas Gahr Støre and AUF Hussaini and Lisbeth Røyneland, chairman of the National Support Group for the 22 July events.
A total of four wreaths will be laid down, just like they have been in the previous events .One of those will be from  the government, one from the Labour Party, one from the AUF and one from the support group.
This year the royal family  also will lay down wreaths, both in the government quarter and at Utøya, like  they did the first year after the attacks.
Local celebrations
In addition to these national events, there will be events in a number of Norwegian municipalities. A list of the events is available on the support group’s website.
Many municipalities will have their own memorial events for those who were killed.

– We must never forget July 22 and why it happened, and that most people who were killed were children or adolescents. We gave each other a pledge after this terrorist act – no more July 22 – and that is a promise we will keep,  Røyneland said to NTB earlier this month.

She lost her 18 year old daughter in the the attack on the AUF summer camp on Utøya.
The support group has previously signaled that it is natural that the official stamp on the events are toned down after the fifth anniversary, in the years leading up to the tenth anniversary.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today