July survey: One in four Norwegians is suffering mentally as a result of the corona pandemic

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According to a recent survey, one in four respondents thinks their life situation is psychologically stressful due to the pandemic.

Through the pandemic, the Norwegian Corona Monitor poll from Opinion has surveyed 79,000 Norwegians on their mental health and life situation after the start of the corona outbreak.

In July, one in four Norwegians – 26% – stated that they experience their current life situation and everyday life as psychologically stressful as a result of changes in everyday routines due to the corona pandemic. That is a decrease of 6% from June.

500 days of pandemic

“We have now gone through 500 days of the pandemic. The positive thing is that the proportion of those who experience everyday life as mentally stressful in July is at its lowest level in almost ten months,” senior adviser Nora Clausen in Opinion noted.

In July, 57% of those surveyed said they miss more contact with other people. That is 5% lower than in June and the lowest level in nine months. 

Nevertheless, it is as much as 19% higher than in July last year. Three out of ten Norwegians say that they currently feel lonely as a result of the pandemic.

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