Justice Minister Mehl worried about recurrent shootings in Oslo: “Our local community must be safe”

Emilie Enger MehlPhoto: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Minister of Justice and Emergency Management Emilie Enger Mehl (SP) says she is worried about the recurring shooting episodes in Oslo.

The shooting at Stovner on Monday night was the eighth shooting incident in two months in the capital.

“It is worrying that we have experienced so many shootings during the last two months. The police are fully focused on these cases. At the same time, it is important to remember that – over time – there have been few such incidents in the capital. We do not see the same trends here as in other countries,” she noted in an email to NTB.

She says it is nevertheless worrying that shots are fired in the public space.

“Still, I get worried when there is shooting in the open street and at schools. Our local community must be safe; we can not allow criminals to turn our neighborhoods into arenas for their criminal clashes and endanger innocent people,” Mehl said.

“I have also taken the initiative for a meeting with the Municipality and the Oslo Police District next week,” she noted.

She added that the government would follow up and strengthen the work against criminal gangs and networks.

“Oslo should be a safe city,” Mehl said.

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2 Comments on "Justice Minister Mehl worried about recurrent shootings in Oslo: “Our local community must be safe”"

  1. Oslo is now a war zone like Chicago … or Sweden … and the justice minister is worried. How sweet. Very reassuring.

    Gangs are basically terror groups requiring the necessary anti-terror laws to be passed – if they haven’t already been – and enforced, and it will require creating and/or expanding special investigators and police action detachments … if the justice minister does want to deal with the crisis.

    If she doesn’t, the gangs will start targeting police, judges, ,politicians, and journalists trying to stop them, as has happened in Gothenburg.

    Who opened The Gates of Troy?

  2. Hector Hernandez | 28. October 2021 at 11:27 | Reply

    I believe that Norway for many years had to avoid reaching this point …

    The first thing is that you cannot blame “Whoever opened the doors of Troy but had to control well who entered through the door … added to this there is a great global social problem and we are not exempt from this ..

    To control this, now I agree with the previous comment … it is the only solution … if not it will get worse and progressively faster … because they have already passed the barrier of shootings …

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