No Krekar promises from Kallmyr

Jøran Kallmyr Minister of Justice Progress Party Dale au pairJøran Kallmyr (left) takes over as Minister of Justice after acting Minister of Justice, Jon Georg Dale, both Progress Party. Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

No Mullah Krekar promises from Minister of Justice, Kallmyr

Incoming Norwegian Minister of Justice, Jøran Kallmyr (Progress Party), won’t make any promises either on immigration or Mulla Krekar as he takes over the ministerial posting.

“I have been out of politics for three years and want to read up on the issues before I say anything more,” Kallmyr replies to questions regarding immigration policy and the expulsion of Najmaddin Faraj Ahmad (aka Mullah Krekar).

“First and foremost, it is a great honour to become Minister of Justice in Norway. I am humble towards the great task that awaits me,” Kallmyr states after he had received both flowers and keys to his office. The keys were handed over by the temporary Minister of Justice, Jon Georg Dale.

“My task as Justice Minister is to ensure both a visible and accessible police. It is an important task for the Norwegian Government. It is also particularly important to carry out the police reform,” Kallmyr emphasizes.

Gang Crime

Kallmyr also expects to draw on his experience as a city council in Oslo where he worked a lot with children and youngsters.

“It’s important to prevent gang crime, it’s an important project. It must never come so that we allow a new generation in parts of Oslo to perish. It must not happen,” he continues.

Kallmyr also emphasizes that it is important to ensure that only refugees who qualify for residence should be allowed to stay in Norway.

“It is important to take our responsibility, both for Norway and Europe, and return those who are not going to get a stay here,” he asserts. Kallmyr does not want to go into more detail before he has acquainted himself more the issues.

Football “Enemies”

Kallmyr’s Party colleague, Jon Georg Dale, who has served as justice minister while Tor Mikkel Wara was on leave, notes during the flower ceremony that it was a rarity for a man from Romsdal (Kallmyr) to receive flowers from a guy from Sunnmøre (Dale).

Kallmyr replies by saying that there was a clear improvement with someone from Romsdal in the ministry. He also took the opportunity to point out that there is a Scouse who takes over from a Spurs supporter.

“You are back in a ministry with great expertise and skilled people, and I wish you good luck. You have a lot of exciting work ahead of you,” Dale concludes.

Kallmyr was Secretary of State in the Ministry from October 2014 to February 2016. He served both under Anders Anundsen and Sylvi Listhaug.

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