Kallmyr’s au pair may come to Norway

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The UDI abolished the decision on refusal of a residence permit for Justice Minister Jøran Kallmyr’s au pair, and the woman is thus allowed to return to Norway.

The Minister of Justice was thereby believed when he stated that the woman did not work while waiting for a residence permit.

‘’The original refusal was given on the basis of information the au pair gave in the application, which we interpreted as if the stay had a different purpose than cultural exchange, and that she worked before the application was submitted by the police. In the complaint case, nuances and new information have emerged’’ according to a press release from the Directorate of Immigration.

The UDI still believes that the woman had not followed the rules when changing host families, but that this is not so serious that she cannot stay.


Aftenposten newspaper first wrote that the UDI believed that the au pair had worked illegally for the Minister of Justice and thus violated the Immigration Act. The reason was that the au pair lived with the Minister of Justice for two months last autumn before she renewed her au pair permit with the police.

The Minister of Justice has always denied that the au pair worked for the family during the two autumn months and has said that she only stayed in the Kallmyr family home as a guest.

Not expelled

Now the UDI has written that an unfortunate circumstance in this case was that a rejection of unknown cause never reached the woman, but was returned to the UDI after the time limit for appeal. She became acquainted with the refusal at a police meeting the day before the departure deadline and chose to leave immediately. This happened on May 10th.

‘’On the basis of the original refusal, she also received a routine warning that the UDI considered this an expulsion case. She is not now expelled from Norway, and this part of the case has also been closed’’ wrote the directorate.

Shows that the system is working

The au pair’s lawyer, Ingvild Boe Hornburg, is pleased with the change and told VG newspaper that she believes that this is the right decision in the case.

‘’I have always said that this had been based on a misunderstanding. I have written a thorough complaint, which is now noted, and it shows that the system works.

She said that the au pair has been informed about the development, but Hornburg has not yet contacted her. The lawyer is working on clarifiying when she will return to Norway.

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