Kari Hilde French: given up all hope to see her son come home

Kari Hilde French: Provides up hope of getting his son homeKinshasa, Kongo.Mother and son.French Photo: Marte Christensen / NTB scanpix

The mother of Joshua French says she has given up all hope to see her son come home from Congo.

The last two years the mother has lived in Congo to support her son, who has been imprisoned for the past seven years.
– I dare not hope anymore. There have been so many disappointments, so many times where we thought that we were close to a solution before the door has been closed again. I can not handle more disappointments. The pain is too great. I have said to myself that Joshua and I must be here in Congo if it does not happen a miracle, says Kari Hilde French VG.According to the mother they have repeatedly been very close to a solution to get her son back to Norway, but during the last three months she have begun to give up hope.

Joshua French was arrested in 2009 and later sentenced to death for including complicity in the killing of the driver Abedi Kasongo, weapons possession and espionage. But he denies it all.