Kari Veiteberg becomes the new Bishop of Oslo

Kari VeitebergKari Veiteberg becomes a new bishop in Oslo.Photo: Mariam Butt / NTB scanpix

Kari Veiteberg has been elected the new Bishop of Oslo. She replaces Ole Christian Kvarme.


The new bishop was elected with 11  of 15 votes during the Church Council meeting on Wednesday.
‘We congratulate Kari Veiteberg as the new bishop in the Oslo diocese, and we congratulate the diocese,and the Norwegian church for their new bishop.

She had a wide vote support behind her, and was strongly wanted as a bishop.

This is a historic day for the Norwegian Church. For the first time, we have as many women as men among the bishops,’ said the leader of the Church Council, Kristin Gunleiksrud Raaum, in a press release.

56 year old Veiteberg has, until now, been a city missionary priest at the City Center Tøyen Church. She was educated at the Theological Faculty in Oslo.

‘Many in the diocese, and in the world,  think differently to each other. We will practice safely, talk to each other, and celebrate worship together,’ said the newly elected bishop.

The other candidates for the position were Anne-May Grasaas,  and Sturla Johan Stålsett.

Outgoing bishop, Ole Christian Kvarme, has been a bishop of the Oslo diocese since 2005. On Sunday, September the 3rd,there was a farewell service for him in Oslo Cathedral.



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