Kautokeino: Priest sanctioned after thunderous speech against homosexuality and abortion

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The parish priest in Kautokeino, who warned against homosexuality, abortion, and divorce in his confirmation speech, is no longer allowed to give lectures to confirmands.

In his speech to the confirmands on August 23, parish priest Bjarne Gustad warned that same-sex marriage was against God’s creative order and that Norway has a “wicked law” that makes it legal to have an abortion, among other things. 

The reactions to the parish priest’s speech were strong, and the priest was called in by the bishop of Nord-Hålogaland, Olav Øygard. 


The bishop decided to sanction parish priest Bjarne Gustad – he will no longer carry out confirmation work in Kautokeino parish in 2020 and 2021, according to newspaper Altaposten.

Gustad told the newspaper that the rest of his work tasks will continue as usual and that only the confirmation work is affected.

Despite the fact that the bishop has subsequently apologized for the parish priest’s speech, Gustad stands his ground.

“Abortion is killing. I take it very seriously,” Gustad told Dagen.

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