Fraud charged MP, Keshvari, back to work

believes UDI Frode Forfang goes too far in saying their opinion on immigration policy.The Progress Party's immigration spokesperson Mazyar Keshvari.Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

Keshvari, who is charged with fraud returns to Parliament

Mazyar Keshvari (Frp), who is charged with gross fraud in connection with expense and travel reports, returns to work at Parliament today, Tuesday.


Confirms parliamentary leader Hans Andreas Limi from Frp to TV 2.

On October 17, Aftenposten revealed that Keshvari (37) had submitted expense reports for a number of trips that had not taken place. Keshvari has acknowledged, regretted and explained that he would repay the money. The Parliament Representative from Oslo has been reportedly ill, since 9 October.

“Keshvari is still a parliamentary representative, completely independent of what has happened. He will continue that, and he resumes his office on Tuesday. Police are still investigating, so we’ll just have to wait,” said Limi to TV 2.

The Frp politician has acknowledged that he has submitted incorrect expense reports and on October 18, the Oslo representative was notified by Parliament administration.

The police conducted their first and so far sole questioning of the Frp politician on November 23.

“After that questioning session, Keshvari stated that he was too ill to be questioned further,” says Head of Section for Economic and Specialist Research in Oslo Police District, Rune Skjold.

Keshvari’s defence lawyer, Arne Gunnar Aas, confirms to TV 2 that a new hearing with the police is scheduled in early January.

Keshvari has not answered inquiries from TV 2 on Monday.


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