‘Keystone Cops’ police in Tromsø were stressed and returned drug seizures

A customs officerA customs officer.Photo: Kyrre Lien / SCANPIX

When the police in Tromsø got the message “let go of everything you have in your hands” they just returned drug seizures to an arrested man.



The man was stopped at customs at Tromsø airport with 1.2 grams of marijuana and three bags containing a total of 50 grams of an ”unknown substance” on November the 11th last year,’’ reported Nordlys newspaper.

The Customs Services called the police, and the drugs were handed over. The police also took possession of two mobile phones and two knives, and decided that the man was to be transported to the police station. When the man was placed in a car, but the police patrol suddenly received a new armed mission with the message “let go of what you have,and drive to an argument in Eidkjosen”.

They released the arrested man, and in the midst of the chaos they also disappeared. When the Customs Office offered to test the unknown substance,a “slightly ashamed” police officer admitted that he had delivered it back to the no doubt delighted and gobsmacked suspect.

“This was a special situation that was clearly not properly handled,” replied Ole Bredrup Sæverud, the police chief of Troms police district.

They notified the Bureau of Police, who had concluded that the officers were blameworthy, but they still could find no criminal offence.

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