Killed by fellow inmate in prison Saturday – convicted of sexual crimes against young boys

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Charged with murder: An inmate of the Ringerike prison died after being attacked by a fellow convict this Saturday. The deceased was repeatedly convicted for paedophilia.

The man, who died after being attacked by a fellow inmate in Ringerike prison, is repeatedly convicted for child molestations.

The 58-year-old who was attacked, has been described as one of the most notorious child abusers in Norway, and has been convicted of numerous offenses against young boys.

In September 2015, the man was sentenced to one year in prison for assaulting two young boys in Oslo in 2013 and 2014.

– Aggravating circumstances consist of the fact that the defendant has previously been convicted five times for sexual offenses against children, according to the ruling by the Oslo County Court.

New victims
Last year, Aftenposten wrote that the man, who over the years has used several different identities, was charged with assaulting 26 additional victims.

Since May last year, the man was in custody, charged with having obtained sexual favours by means of violence or threatening behaviour. The detention was extended on 20 January this year.

Acting head of Ringerike prison, Kari-Anne Aasterud, doesn’t wish to comment on the information. She is not willing to comment on whether it has been a threat or conflict situation in the prison involving the man.

– These are questions that must be addressed to the police, who are investigating the case, said Aasterud.

Hierarchy in prisons

Leader of the Correctional Vocational Association, Knut Are Svenkerud, told VG that he is aware that the man who was attacked in the prison was charged with sexually abusing children.
– In all prisons, there is a hierarchy. Those convicted of having committed sexual crimes, especially against children, are decidedly bottom of the food chain, says Svenkerud.



Source: VG / Norway Today