Killed five colleagues in Afghanistan

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Policeman shot and killed five colleagues in Afghanistan

A police officer killed five colleagues in Afghanistan. They were all murdered in their sleep, according to a local official.


The incident occurred on Thursday evening in the east of the country.

Used his rifle

A local official said that the policeman turned his rifle against his colleagues at an outpost in the province of Nangarhar.

Furthermore, he says that the shooter supposedly has collected the victims’ weapons before fleeing. No motive has yet been disclosed, but one can not rule out that he is an infiltrator.

ISIL and Taliban

Both ISIL and Taliban are operating in the area. Neither of them claims the responsibility for the attack at present.

The number of casualties among Afghan security forces is “shockingly high,” according to a report by US special auditor for Afghanistan (CIGAR). in 2016 was 6,785 police and soldiers killed and 11,777 wounded, according to sources in the US military.

Afghan security struggles

Since the end of NATO’s campaign missions in Afghanistan in 2014, Afghan security forces are struggling to repel the rebels in the country.


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