Kindergarten children found two kilograms of amphetamine in the woods

Kindergarten childrenKindergarten children.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

An Oslo-kindergarten who were hiking in the woods began to play with what they thought was flour, but turned out to be two kilograms of amphetamine.

– Had it been the heroin the case could have ended badly. Children are open minded, and are likely to sample what they find, says Kåre Stølen at the Grønland police station in Oslo to VG.

It was the staff who raised the alarm. The Police call the find to be large and says that the substance was spread around in the area so it took some time before they found everything. Subsequently, two people were arrested.

– Those who had hidden the stash in the woods, naturally came back to collect the drugs. We were waiting for them, Police chief Stølen said, but will not reveal where the substance was found. He said that the two are in for a long spell in jail, with a maximum sentencing of up to several years.

The Find was made by the kindergarten last week, and police announced the event Thursday on Facebook. The Police also thanked the children by showing up at their kindergarten with balloons, reflexes and lollipops.

– I reckon we have recruited a number of young police students, Stølen says after the visit.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today